12 months later – still here.

Its been radio silence here for a while.   I think I’ve said it before, but I need to have things to say to blog.   I can’t just blog for the sake of stats.   As of today I’ve been back for 12 months, and I’ve been trying to think where the time has gone.   I feel like I’ve done nothing but when you put it on paper I’ve achieved quite a bit.

As I said we bought a property (still being built) in Footscray, sold our house in Ringwood, bought an apartment for Mum, and we’ve put her house on the market – hopefully that will go soon.  (Not too soon – it’s still full of my stuff that I stored there when we went away).  Her house is 90% sorted out, and when it sells it will only take a couple of days to pack the last of her stuff up.   My stuff over there is a different problem all together – but that’s for another time.  And we bought an apartment on behalf of one of my sisters, I only had to turn up and bid on that one – but I’m including it anyway.

We’ve got the keys for mums apartment now, and have just started doing some small renovations.   It’s just a bit “tired” so updated bathrooms (2) and kitchen, new lighting, air con, and curtains.  It should all be complete within a month – famous last words.    It’s a great little apartment, light and airy, can’t be built out, fabulous views over Flemington Racecourse, no stairs anywhere, and a coffee shop on the ground floor.  Theres a gym, apparently a theatrette – but I haven’t found it yet,  secure parking and storage are an added bonus

The work situation is still a bit up in the air, I’ve been getting some casual stuff, and doing some outsourced work, but I’m looking forward to something more permanent.   At the end of the day everything happens for a reason.   If I’d been working full-time there is so much I wouldn’t have been able to get done.

On the downside – I looks like mum needs to have a hip replacement, the specialist appointment is in June – it will be all confirmed then.   She’s trying not to let it slow her down, she’s headed off to Longreach Qld, with one of her sisters, for a couple of weeks.   She’s packed drugs, and a walking stick and is getting on with it.

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1 Response to 12 months later – still here.

  1. I love reading your updates, when they are ready to be posted and although the work front is slow, no doubt the family front is full steam ahead. Go mad on what you’re doing and no doubt life and love are blossoming. I completely understand about feeling as though you’ve done nothing, yet it’s been a full time job just standing up and getting out of bed (or the other way around).
    Hugs! Missing you and lots of love from London. xx


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