50+ things to do while I still can

Buy a canal boat (done) •Dive with Manta rays•Go dog sledding•Go sledging in Europe•Visit the Christmas markets in Europe – France, Germany, Belgium, Holland (done)•Own a stone house•Find something that will give me a consistent income working from home•Go to Broome•Ride a complete cross country course•Go to Badminton•Go to Istanbul•Work out how to use the underwater camera successfully (sold it instead)Buy a Mac (done)•Finish renovating the house (d0ne)Get rid of craft projects that have been started and not likely to be completed (done)•Complete the craft projects I keep•Finish the 12 days of Christmas cross stitch•Finish painting the fence (D0ne)Finish painting the house (done)•have a true white Christmas, not just a cold one•Scan all negatives to a hard drive•Lose 20 kgs•Ride through Italy on a Vespa•Buy Siamese fighting fish (done)Do a road trip through the USA – Route66 (done)•Live in the UK (d0ing)Dive in PNG again (done)•Knit myself a cable knit jumper•Become a granny!•Pyramids at sunset•Stay in an Ice Hotel•Take up kayaking•Know London like the back of my hand•Zip line through a canopy•Live & work in another country for a year•Do a two finger whistle•See a tumbleweed blown by the wind (done). Guided tour through China•Have my blog earn money for me•Hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City•Manchu Pichu•Swim with dolphins•Drive a sporty convertible for a week•See the Northern Lights (done)Go to a huge sports game (done)•Shave my head•Drive a sea-doo•See the Amish Community•Go to a “Coffee Shop” in Amsterdam•Finish the bathroom renovations (done)•Do a diving liveaboard•Sort out the music on the hard-drives – so there are no double ups (d0ne).  Ride a trike in Europe.

1 Response to 50+ things to do while I still can

  1. Well, at least you write them down whereas, I try to keep them in my head. Good list…


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