D-day is looming!! And I can’t wait.

Its not as bad as it sounds.   We flew to Lismore  to visit the Container Build Group yesterday to do the final inspection on our shipping containers.  Jamie had already been through and found all the issues that needed rectifying.  They do amazing quality work there.  At this stage delivery is expected on Friday 16 March.   Anyone interested in watching the event PM me and I’ll give you the address.   I’ve been lead to believe it will be an early start.  There should be a time lapse video at a later date.


Checking the plans for the upstairs containers


2nd lot of containers.


This is half a bedroom


Inspecting.  This is the final outside color.


Look at the detail! All the door closing hardware was removed. The windows were installed and pushed out to be level with the outside wall. Then the hardware was cut to size and re-attached.


Inspecting the electricals.  


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