A new complainy post or complainy post V2.

I’ll just address some of the previous issues, before I start whining again.

The Internets – on hold till we get certificate of occupancy, but #1 son has a contact who gave me advice on what to get.  Hint:  not the NBN.

Electricity – rang the wholesaler and started threatening to sue for compensation  – worked a miracle.   Power on within 2 days.   Should have done that sooner.

Watering system.   Apparently they can manage a tap.   No further dramas.

New issues:

The amount of time this is taking is unbelievable.

The bitching on site is something else to behold – to the point I put my big girls pants on and went up last week and let one of the teams go, I couldn’t take another phone call.  Everyone was involved in everybody’s business which, incidentally was none of their business.  They were all calling me telling me what the others were doing wrong.  There were threatened walk-offs.  I was done, they were gone.

The roof. OMG this roof is going to be the death of me.  Theres been delays, again with the blame game between people, missed trucks, missed building slots, and more expense because of it all.  The last delay excuse was a gem – the guy who was meant to pick up the roof (for this week) had a sleep in his truck, a tree fell on it.   Here’s the thing – in this day and age why is he the only truck driver in the world who doesn’t have a mobile phone, therefore he couldn’t contact anyone including his boss to explain that he wasn’t going to make pickup. I’d be asking for photographic evidence if I was his boss.   I would imagine we will get 2/3rd’s of the roof up next week, if not then questions will be asked, as the next opportunity is end of June/early July.   It should take 3 to 4 days according to the experts, I’m being told 2 to 3 weeks. They have 5 days and thats it.




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The Build – Update 2

Well all the containers have arrived and have been installed.  The subfloors are being put in. The start of the roofing structure is being installed.   We’ve been hampered slightly by stupidly hot days, and gale force winds.   The threat of grassfires/bushfires stopped work last week.  The roof is scheduled 7 May, I’m not holding out a lot of hope.   We are struggling to find a scaffolder who can coordinate with the roof plumber.   And until the roof is on nothing much can be done inside the containers.  We are also halfway (sort of) through putting up the garage.   Again, the wind hasn’t been helping at all.   We haven’t had rain for about 8 weeks, our lake is now dry.


The kitchen, dining, living room area.



From a distance


Why? Why would you put this “Logo” on all the poles. Why?


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And they’re on there way. Some of them at least.

The final two will come next week.

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D-day is looming!! And I can’t wait.

Its not as bad as it sounds.   We flew to Lismore  to visit the Container Build Group yesterday to do the final inspection on our shipping containers.  Jamie had already been through and found all the issues that needed rectifying.  They do amazing quality work there.  At this stage delivery is expected on Friday 16 March.   Anyone interested in watching the event PM me and I’ll give you the address.   I’ve been lead to believe it will be an early start.  There should be a time lapse video at a later date.


Checking the plans for the upstairs containers


2nd lot of containers.


This is half a bedroom


Inspecting.  This is the final outside color.


Look at the detail! All the door closing hardware was removed. The windows were installed and pushed out to be level with the outside wall. Then the hardware was cut to size and re-attached.


Inspecting the electricals.  


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A complainy post.

Because if I don’t write it down I wont remember the “fun” I’ve been having in future years.

So my list of challenges to date.

  1.   The internet – good luck with getting internet in the country.  We have a Telstra cable to the corner of our block.   Apparently it’s for decoration.   I’ve been to Telstra and they can’t tell me when, if ever, we will have internet or anything resembling internet.   They said we are due for NBN but it will be microwave NBN, I can see the tower for that on the hill in the distance.   Apparently not my microwave tower.   If we try anyone other than Telstra we get offered Satellite internet – which is “patchy” when there is clouds.
  2. Electricity – good luck with that as well.   Again everything is there at the corner waiting to be connected.   The first supplier I chose – doesn’t supply to our area.   The second one (and this is 6 weeks later) called today took all my details and said the wholesaler will be a further 10-12 working days.   The same wholesaler who doesn’t sell to the first supplier.  Then after I’d said yes, all good, etc. called me back to let me know there was union disputes or something going on with the wholesaler and they really don’t know when the power will be supplied.  Thanks.
  3. My watering system for my trees.   O.M.G.  It’s not brain surgery.   Don’t touch the watering system.  I’ve taped all the automated systems closed so they can’t be fiddled with.  I’ve cable tied the shut off valve open so they can’t accidentally turn it off there.  Trust me when I tell you – they have done all the above.   The latest little gem – they hooked a hose to the spare water point – and left it on.  10 days ago was the last visit.  10 days that hose had been running.  My block is 3 acres on the side of a hill and it is a swamp.  Tomorrow we are going back to put a good old fashioned tap in – maybe they can manage that.  I’m doubtful.  When I say they – there are a lot of people coming on and off the block.   Of course it could just be vandalism.
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Progress Photos #2


This is what you will see from the outside. The ones on the left, I think, are the back of the pantry. I’m hoping its a lighting issue, they are meant to be charcoal colored.


This is looking down to one of the bedrooms, there is also a bathroom.


I’m hoping this is the outside final outside color.


Downstairs master bedroom.


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The Build – Progress photos.


The delivery truck




This is the compost bin on the back of the truck


Digging the hole.


It needed to be quite deep.


The finished product. The dirt is all left over and we will need to find a home for it.


1/2 of the trees we planted.

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