New beginnings.

As some of you may know, we’ve bought some land and are now in the process of building a shipping container home. It’s coming along nicely, but a bit more stressful than I thought. Our land is 3 acres, on the side of a hill, with views over the Winton Wetlands looking towards Mansfield. I’m hoping, but doubtful that we will be able to see snow in the winter.  The plan is for veggie gardens and self sufficiency, but that will a little way down the road.

I drew the plans up on a scrap of paper in about 10 minutes, and handed them over to the very capable people at Container Build Group who then handed the plans on to their draftsman.   While he was drafting away, I was submitting planning permits, building permits, the worm people were submitting their permits, all waiting for approval.   Even though you have the land you can’t do anything on it without permits.   We bought a shed months ago (sometime before Xmas) which is still sitting on the ground in pieces.   It turns out where we have bought is in the middle of a building boom, and trying to find available people locally is a nightmare.   So as a result our builder comes from Albury – 1 hr & 30 minutes away – and is now charging me accommodation, he’s in Hawaii at the moment, but when he comes back we will be discussing a caravan – at least I can sell it and get some money back.  Our electrician (electrics are in – but not connected) came from Melbourne.  And I’ve finally found a guy to do our driveway and ground work for the shed – hopefully next week – it turns out he’s already been on our block delivering stone for the base of the worm farm.   So its all motoring along nicely, I think the containers will be ready to move next week.

The initial plan was to do all the work ourselves, but as its turned out the majority of the work is being subbed out – a big increase in costs I might add.   The shipping container portion is being made off site in Lismore (Container Build Group) and will be trucked down and installed on-site by our builder.   We’ve employed a local builder, who is just starting out on his own, to do the standard build in the middle of the two blocks of containers, he will also be doing the ground work.  And also we’ve installed a worm farm waste system instead of a septic system.   All your household & garden (compostable) waste also goes into the system, which in turn distributes worm juice into the paddocks through a huge filtration system.

We’ve planted 6 trees and put in a basic automated watering system – which people insist on turning off.    So at last count I’m down to 5 trees.   There have been a lot of   40+C deg (that’s 104 F or more) so the watering system being shut down is a concern, especially as they are newly planted.   Bad timing on my behalf but I felt the need to achieve something on the land before Christmas.


This is the view over Lake Mokohan


Internal wall. Pantry & laundry doors.


Laundry and downstairs master. This bedroom is being made wheelchair accessible.


This is a pile of our insulation – it will be on all the walls & ceilngs.


Looking out from inside the rooms. Walls come later.


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2 Responses to New beginnings.

  1. Jacquie says:

    My nephew is in a container home and loves it. Good Luke with the tradies.


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