Back in the U.S. of A. – Alaska

We’ve been on the Star Princess from Vancouver to Anchorage, Alaska.  Lots more stunning scenery, and glaciers.    It was very nice not to have too have the bags packed every single day.  And even nicer not to be up and on the move at 6.30 am.  I think we all enjoyed that.    The food was lovely in all the restaurants.  We’d chosen not to get the drinks package for a number of reasons but the drinks were very cheap as it was so not really a problem.   The cruise itinerary was a day of coastal cruising,  Ketchikan, Junea & then Skegway, then a day of cruising on Glacier Bay, with College Fjord the next afternoon.

I was glad to have the day of cruising as I really was not particularly well.  It was pouring rain in Ketchikan, the measure their rainfall by the foot.   I would have preferred not to go but it was the town I was looking forward to most.   I should have stayed on the boat.  I managed to knock the camera dial and all the photos I took have a filter over them, I didn’t have my glasses with me so didn’t notice till it was way to late, and I got soaked through to the skin.   To be honest I can barely remember the town.   Junea was nice, and is the capital of Alaska – strange that its not accessible by road at all.   Theres an interesting Russian church which was worth a look at.  The last town was Skegway an old mining, rail, western town.  It still has the wooden boardwalks around the town.   All very lovely, all very touristy with pretty much the same shops selling the same stuff.  Also for the record – the water was like glass.   No rocking boat, mostly we didn’t know if we were sailing or moored up unless we looked out the window.

We saw wildlife today – always good.   And Hummingbirds – which I think for me have been one of the highpoint of the trip.


Russian Church, Juneau


In the churchyard


Local transport








Skegway Port


Brown Bear


Rufus Hummingbird

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