Canada – Lillooet & Sun Park

Spectacular drive through the mountains today leaving Whistler.   The only downside is we are doing a tour – no stopping! Its a minor downside. So a lot of the photos I’ve taken are through the bus window on the move. Reflections and blurriness. We stopped at a small town for lunch in Lillooet – an old mining town. From there we headed off towards Sun Park – we had an afternoon stop at Hat Creek Ranch – the high point was the Hummingbirds.   They had 6 feeders and many species of Hummingbirds – a high point of my day.  In fact I didn’t even look at anything else on the ranch.

We are now at Sun Peak – another ski field – very quite.   I was supposed to go on a canoeing thing this evening but it was freezing at 5:30pm I can only imagine what it will be like on the water at 8:00pm.  I’ll be very annoyed with myself if they see bear while they are out.

More deer and bald eagles today, still no bear.


Leaving Whistler



Lillooet sidewalk



Hummingbird – they are tiny


I mean – teenie tiny.  


Lake Kamloops


Around Lake Kamloops



Covered bridge Sun Peaks


Inside the hotel


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1 Response to Canada – Lillooet & Sun Park

  1. Choi says:

    lake kamloops looks so awesome. i never been despite being canadian….fail..and hong kong is definitely not known for having nice thank you for sharing!


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