Canada – Whistler

Woke up at some awful time this morning to catch the bus at 8:30 that connects to the ferry to get to Whistler. We needed to have our bags outside our door at 6:30 am. It was torrential rain the whole way.   I suppose if you are going to be stuck on a bus it may as well be wet outside.   We had a quick stop at The Shannon Falls it was approximately a 5 minute walk to get there.  I was soaked through to the skin, wet shoes & socks, jeans wet up to my knees by the time I got back on the bus, the rain was so heavy.

We arrived in Whistler, there is still skiing and snowboarding, not great snow though.  Fortunately the weather has started to clear up.  A long driving day in front of us tomorrow.

No bears to be seen.

Look at that moss on the tree, look at the power of the waterfall behind it.

Foot of the falls

The Shannon Falls



Whistler – the last of the snow

People were still skiing.

One of the buildings in Whistler.

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2 Responses to Canada – Whistler

  1. Sandy Anderson says:

    Even though it was raining it looks beautiful. Have fun!


    • Lizzi says:

      Hi Sandy. thanks. The rain has passed, we had a snow storm today, but we drove through that as well. Truely spectacular scenery, the only downside is – its an organised tour so Im taking photos through the window of a moving vehicle. Lots of reflections and blurring.


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