Canada – Victoria Day 2

This morning we left after breakfast for the Butchart Gardens – simply beautiful.  It was a bit of a wild life tour on the way.  There were otters swimming in the bay, deer ravaging the very expensive golf course, and we saw 3 bald eagles.  The first eagle was sitting on top of the largest totem pole in Canada, the second was in a tree with its nest, the third was flying overhead.    No bear.

The consensus on the gardens (mum & I) worth a trip back to Canada just to see them.  They were beautifully laid out, lots of sealed paths, and perfectly maintained.   There were gardeners just dedicated to deadheading the flowers.   The newest addition to the gardens is a carousel – with a long queue of adults waiting to have a ride.

Early morning tomorrow – ferry ride to Whistler with a mystery stop thrown in.


Tulips were the theme.






Beautiful bronze carousel horse. So much details.


You can’t see them but, the wings were threaded with twinkle lights.


More tulips.




If you must have a rubbish bin – make it multi purpose


View to the bay


Part of the Japanese garden.


Bald Eagle and nest.

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