Canada, Victoria – day 1

The flight to Canada from Los Angeles was spectacular.  There is still snow on all the peaks, and we were flying over mountains the whole way.  A bit of a tight connection, not helped by an iPad being left on the first flight.  They were looking for us at check in to tell us it was on the previous plane,  mad dash back to the first plane to get it. In retrospect the iPad is so old we should have just “donated” it.   The second flight wasn’t quite held up but we were certainly the last on the plane.  However we all arrived in one piece at our hotel.

Victoria is beautiful, lots of water  & lake, and totem poles.  Both our hotel rooms over look the water.   The tulips are out, the gardens are lovely, and its very easy to get around.  Tomorrow our tour starts and we are off to the Butchart Gardens in the morning.


Looking across the water


View from one of the bedrooms


Lots of great flowers




Totem pole




Looking across the water from the other side


Lots of these dolphins around the area.


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