Los Angeles – stopping over on the way to Canada

We arrived in L.A. last night and basically went to bed – party animals that we are.   Though this morning, well rested, we decided to have a wander around Venice Beach and the canals.   I really like it there, it has a great vibe, and its amazing for people watching.  Being Monday it wasn’t as crazy as the weekend, lots more locals than tourists.   After walking along the beach front and back again we decided then to have a look at the Venice Canal area.  Note to self – the wheelchair only has a battery life of 3.5 hours.  We saw enough to get a feel for the area before it died.  We took turns in pushing the now manual wheel chair back to one of the local restaurants, had a late-ish lunch and called a taxi back to the hotel – we all need a nap anyway.   We left mum to her own devices and went in search of somewhere for dinner.    Also – I saw a Humming Bird when I was walking to the canals – they are tiny, and I was very excited to see it.

Early night tonight for an 8:00am flight tomorrow.


Baywatch at the beach


Hard to look at street art.


Cool bike racks everywhere


Surf was up


Someones home business.


This is what $500.00 will get you – whether it will run or not is another matter,



She was 2 days old.



Water bird.

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