Road Trip – Bright/Wandiligong & home again.

We called into Wandiligong (my bro & his family live there) and stayed for Easter. Its a beautiful time to be there, Autumn is well underway.  Bright is known for their Autumn colours and later this month the Autumn Festival is held.   Bright know how to do a good festival.

We walked into Bright from Wandiligong along the bike path (I walked, mum motored).   It was great weather and a lovely day.   We are struggling with “wheelchair management” and realised halfway there that the battery hadn’t been on the charger for 4 days.  However we made the 5 kms, rewarded ourselves with coffee, then borrowed the brothers truck to drive back home.


The Wandi Shed


Possibly grapevines.




Paragliding is a huge sport in Bright, along with cycling in all its forms.


Autumn colours


These trees are just changing colour.



The wheelchair – its quite handy, I can collapse it and it fits in the boot of the car.

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