Road Trip – Kurri Kurri, Newcastle.

Spent Sunday with Dads family (Muriel & Ted) in Kurri Kurri, then I drove everyone to Brankston to see Muriels son Phillip.   They have had so much rain up here everything is very green.  Phillip grows a lot of organic vegetables on his river flats and gave us some apple cucumbers & a lovely pumpkin (unfortunately we left the pumpkin in Teds car).  I’m going to see if I can collect the seeds from the cucumbers to plant for myself.    He has a lot of land, I don’t think I’ve been there before. We are meeting up with Phillip again tomorrow at his daughters coffee shop/restaurant in Maitland.

Today we went for a drive to Newcastle, we had a nice walk along the foreshore and watched a lot of marine activity going on. Big big boats coming in.  If you can get past the mining & the industrial sections its a really nice town.   They are doing a lot of work in Hunter Street – they are building more univeristy buildings, there are plans for a tram system, and even now with the works going on you can see the regeneration of the area.


James Cook Memorial Fountain




Images on a boarded up building.



We think this boat was carrying dismantled wind generators.


These just made me laugh.


This was in front of a legal office.


In front of a bridal shop.


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