So Abu Dhabi then

The original plan was for a one week stopover to catch up with AD sista and family.   But as  it turns out Mr Sista looks like he has a job and a babysitter is needed until a nanny is found, which has been done, they are just waiting on start dates etc.

We landed an hour late, and it was so hot.   And the temperature just hasn’t dropped.   Most days its been high 40’s.   Have I mentioned before how much I hate summer?   We’ve done some lazing around the many pools in the complex.   Found some good coffee shops. Eaten and drunk too much at brunch at the Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi.  We’ve driven down to Dubai to go to AquaVenture at Atlantis the Palm.   That was a whole lot of fun!  Almost Disneyland does water.   To be followed up with IceCream from Cold Stone on the way home.   I could get used to resort style living, I may even haul myself down to the gym at some time in the not too distant future, but then again, in this heat, it maybe all too much effort.

Photos to follow, also final miles travelled on NB Jasmine Weyr – that information went home with Howie.

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