Farewell NB Jasmine Weyr, Bye London.

I’m sitting in the airport lounge, trying to think of the past two years but can’t get past the last week – its  been a bit manic.   We didn’t get to visit several people, in the end we just didn’t have the time.   For that I am sorry.   We sold the car yesterday – yay.      And I packed, repacked, threw out and packed again.   We still ended up with 5 pieces of luggage plus hand luggage.

Prior to last week we had the “great food fest” in London.   Howie had been given quite a few gift vouchers that had to be used.   I can recommend – WholeFoods Market in Kensington High St – go upstairs to the food court, Marco Pierre Whites’ restaurant Steak Wine  Ale, Gordon Ramsays York & Albany, and AquaShard.  Many other meals (mmmm pizza) were eaten, and I’m sure I now have double chins on my double chin, my trousers agree with me.

The boat is on the market, it will be sold through Braunston Marina.   As yet the link to NB Jasmine Weyr isn’t on the site.  I’ve had interest from a couple of people, but its early days.  I’ll be happy (in a sad way) when she is sold, but we’re in no hurry.

Check in was an interesting event!   However with much juggling and jiggling we managed to get the whole lot booked through with out having to pay excess baggage.   FYI £50 per kilo.   We could have bought another ticket for what it was going to cost in excess baggage. So we are now homeward bound – a one week stop over in Abu Dhabi with my sister and her family and then back to Melbourne and work.

To all those that made the canals so memorable – thanks, your friendship, laughter, food and drink were a big part of what made the adventure memorable.   I’ll try and keep in touch with you all.    Hope one day to see you in Melbourne.

Other non-boaty friends and family.   Thanks for everything.  Storage, beds when needed, laughter, food, help and the occasional “taxi service” were all appreciated.   You know whenever you are in Melbourne – we’ll do the same for you.

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2 Responses to Farewell NB Jasmine Weyr, Bye London.

  1. paul says:

    Hi lesley we are paul and rebecca living happily on jasmine weyr .I thought I would drop you a line to say thank you for making our transition from our house to living in the water so much easier as you seem to have left us everything we would ever need lol.
    It would be great to hear from you , we feel like we know you already reading your story on line .
    Kind regards
    Paul and Rebecca


    • Lizzi says:

      Hi Guys, Im so glad you are enjoying your time on her. We had a ball. It was difficult to leave, but it was always a 2 year plan. We made some amazing friends while on the water, they tell me they are keeping their eye out for you. I’m actually a little bit jealous of you at the moment, as we never really had a “cold” winter with snow while we were onboard. No frozen solid water either.

      Regards, Lesley.
      Let me know if there is any information I can give you that we forgot about.


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