Selling up, moving on.

We’ve always taken the “soft option” when we’ve left the boat and tucked her up in a marina.   I know in my head that it would be fine to leave it on the side of the canal, but I just  haven’t been keen on doing it.   On this occasion it was the right option.   While we were away, probably in Iceland, there were horrendous winds.    So bad that one of the mooring rings the boat as tied to ripped out of the pier and the back of the boat came adrift.   Thankfully we had fantastic neighbours on NB Kimberly Jo, who were on the ball and tied us back up.   Thanks guys.

We are now bringing the boat down to London to hopefully sell.   It was a bit of a miserable trip for the first few days of April, gale force winds, rain, misery.   However we met up with another boat also heading south, NB Licorice Fields, a dutch barge.   They were on a bit of a mission as they have/had a limited amount of time to get to their new marina, so as we were both going in the same direction we paired up and shared the locks.  Big, heavy, slow filling Grand Union locks.   OMG we have never done so many locks, miles or hours since we’ve been on the boat.   All four of us are absolutely shattered.  But we are within the M25 now, they limped their boat to the marina and we’ve stopped to pack boxes to send home and finalise valuations for the sale of the boat.

Well  a lot less than 4 weeks to go now.  It will go so fast.

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