Slowly cruising

Well we’ve made it through all the planned winter stoppages on our route so we can slow down a little bit now. Not that we were actually rushing all that much, but it’s nice to be past them.

I know it’s mid-term break, but I have never seen so many boats on the move as there are at the moment. Not even in the middle of summer. The weather is still holding up, mid teens and not enough rain to bother us. Tho Wednesday got so cold so suddenly we were pulled up with the fire on by 2:00pm. It’s only the second fire we’ve had this Autumn.

It’s Halloween this weekend, it’s not the huge event that it is in the States, though Marketing is trying to make it so, but it’s bigger than it used to be. It seems to be more a school thing. And let’s face it – all little kids like to dress up. There are a few houses decorated, and each town seems to have the one person who goes over the top and throws every bit of Halloween decoration they can find at their house.

We are traveling over the same canals as we were last year so the lack of computer is not such an issue as I’m not taking that many photos. I must look for the charger.

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