Back on the boat

We got back from the States eventually. It took almost as long on public transport to get back to the boat from Heathrow as it did to fly from Boston to London. I also misplaced my battery charger for my Mac (£65.00 to replace!!) and the battery died immediately after I uploaded all my photos. £65.00 is enough to convince me to look a bit harder and actually find the missing charger.

We’ve been doing a lot of miles to get further south before the winter stoppages begin. I love Yorkshire and the Pennines, the scenery is just spectacular – I just don’t want to be up there over winter. We’d be too reliant on car transport rather than public transport.

We’ve broken the back of it now. We did the Wigan flight of locks (21 locks) in 3 hours and 5 minutes, the CRT guys who were assisting up said it was a record for them. Certainly better than the 10+hours it took for us to get up the flight last year. And today we passed through the last lock on the route that is due to close next week. Yay us! We can relax a bit now.

We’ve booked into the Mariana at Burton Turns for the winter. We’re on the home run now, we have our tickets booked to return to Australia. We’ve also got a fair bit of travel planned between now and when we go back home. Ireland for Xmas/New Year, Reykavik, Marrakesh, Costa del Sol, and hopefully Brussels/Brugge before Xmas.

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