Returned home.

Dad – A Poem

A Yorkshire lad I was born,
Forever I will be
Even though you take me,
Take me across the heaving sea

And so it was just as a boy
We packed up the little we had
And set sail for the distant land;
They said it wasn’t bad

But they didn’t mention the screeching cockies
And flies as thick as treacle
Nor the scorched dry summers
Where rain was only ever a wistful sprinkle

We settled up north above Sydney town
Where the summers were extreme
So we moved down south to a more familiar climate
A place more like our dreams

I made a future upon that land
Doing what a free spirit could
With gifted hands and mighty plans
Things did not always work out as they should

I met a lass, a Melbourne girl
Maid Marion was her name
We created life and created strife,
She was my only ever true flame

But the time has come to send me back
To the memories seared in my mind.
Bring me home, bring me home
To the Yorkshire I never left behind.

by Lance Harrison.









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2 Responses to Returned home.

  1. Annie Briggs says:

    Lovely poem. Very poignant. A

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