Nottingham: Part 2

Well the guys that we thought were going to give us problems last night didn’t disappoint – but it could have been worse.   They had “dangerous” breed dog that kept having a go at other dogs during the day- they had it chained to a tree!! – unfortunately for them there were other dog owners in the group.   One massive dog fight with lots of screaming as the problem dog was in the middle of it all and they were all gone.  Silence from 10:30 pm onwards.   The entire group scattered as soon as they got the dogs parted. Scared the police were going to be called and no one wanted to be there when they arrived.    They did apologise in the morning when they all reappeared.

And leaving Nottingham – lots of very low bridges.   Masses of pigeons nesting underneath the those bridges, that all fly off en masse when they get disturbed by boats.   Hitting you with their wings, spreading bird lice on you, dropping poop.   I hate them.   ***Full body shudder.   Flying rats.  Vermin.  Yuk.

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