My initial thoughts were that its a great town.   Really interesting architecture, lots of alleys, nice shopping.   Lots to see and do.  There is a lot of humour in the town.   No Robin Hood or Sheriff though – we found one marker which is part of a walk, but it wasn’t relavent to anything around us so we didn’t persevere with the trail.   Lots of good moorings.   Also the canal has really been embraced.   Wharfs and warehouses have been restored, lots of canal side pubs.

However – we aren’t moored there, we are back a bit further near the marina.   Its 8:45 pm and things are starting to go down hill a bit.   There are a group of people having a bbq, lots of booze, in front of us.   And a  speed boat has just gone screaming down the canal.  Also someone thought it was funny to throw their rubbish into the front deck of our boat.   Dirty b*stard.     Could be a long night.

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