Leaving the Marina of Misery!

The weatherman over here had been promising me thunder, lightening and rain for weeks now, so I’ve been putting off blogging till I had a day where we weren’t going to be able to move.  I have no idea what they are talking about – we’ve had nothing but sun for weeks, 1 or 2 very light showers, and rain over night once.   I’ve probably just jinxed it for myself now.  So back to catching up.


I’d heard a lot from the residents of the marina about the manager on site.   Most marina managers are universally disliked by everyone – it seems.  So I was just listening to it without really taking anything they said onboard.   Wow – what a mistake.    I heard screaming and yelling coming from further down the marina.   Sure enough it was the manager, screaming like a banshee at one of the boat owners, no idea why.   But he was off his motor mower (and his head) and in this guys face screaming at him.   Apparently that is what he does – then when the other person retaliates or throws a punch they get evicted as there is a no violence policy within the marina.  Not the first time it happened in the short time we were there.   Weird.

Anyway seeing as we were on power and were heading towards some areas that don’t necessarily have a great reputation (according to the towpath gossip) we thought we’d take the opportunity to beef up the security on the boat.   It’s been on our list of things to do for a while, we had all the stuff, just lacked the motivation.  Several hours later the boat had locks that can’t be opened with a teaspoon.  We had 5 links of thick chain padlocked across the diesel cap,  a visual deterrent, all you had to do was move the chain and you could access and remove the cap, and the diesel.   One of the guys spot welded the chain so it is now rigid, keys needed.   We are/were very happy with all the results.   Short lived!  Someone stole our power supply out of the cupboard on the back deck – and we can’t lock that.   It’s the only thing we have lost since we’ve been onboard, except for Howies 2 hats, that ended up in the water.

Good news!  All three batteries were delivered on Tuesday, as expected,  and we got out of there first thing the next morning.

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