Well we made it into London, dodging many coconuts in the water as we went. We got stuff around our propellor on the overpass of one of the M roads. Couldn’t do anything until we drifted to the side. Then as we were tied off to the over-pass bridge, all CCTV cameras swiveled our way. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t rate a helicopter fly over. Found a nice mooring in Paddington Basin. From then on, from a blogging perspective, things were not worth writing about. Spent most of our time catching up with friends and family. Had some long walks. Drank too much.

We moved from Paddington to head towards Limehouse Marina where we were supposed to turn around and come back to head north. Best laid plans etc. Didn’t make it that far – drive plate on the boat went. Thankfully it was covered by RCR. It did leave us dead in the water tho. We dragged the boat down the canal a bit to a place where we were less likely to have trouble at night at waited. Walked down to Limehouse the next morning and after about 40 minutes of schmoozing managed to get a powered site until the RCR people could come back and do the repair. £60 per night – ouch!!!! And we had been informed that the repair wasn’t possible for 5 days. RCR girl called to keep us in the loop, as I was talking I told her what the delay was costing us, and bless her little cotton socks they had the part and a repairman on the boat that evening.

In the meantime we’ve had an invite my friend Darren’s first London play.

My 30-minute play has been accepted into Blaggards:Plays, produced by Fractured Lines.

It goes on at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre with 3 other plays on Sunday 15th Jun 2014.

They said:
“Blaggards: Plays” is a great chance to stand a piece of theatre up and now after the Show we now try and encourage everyone; both creative and audience to stay in the space for a post-show free drink on us. This is a great chance to meet other artists and also a chance to get some feedback from the audience. This starts at 7:00 pm so you can have a good time and still get home.

Tickets: 50% off code for friends 50%R29432

So change of plan, we headed up the Lee Valley and the River Stort for a week and will be back in London by Friday.

The River Stort? Beautiful – but like the River Thames no moorings. And very little internet, enough to run an iPad but not enough to run the computer.

I’ll try to find a Macca’s or Starbucks so I can put some photos up.

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