Heading to London

Now that I’m back we’ve left the marina in Cropredy, and are heading to London.  Cropredy Marina had an interesting range of military aircraft flying over.  We moored overnight in Banbury yesterday as we had a few chores to run this morning – post office, drying, big shop.   I like Banbury, but its the third time we have been there recently.   The wind was awful this afternoon.  Resulting in a big bash into a bridge, partly wind, partly the boat that was moored so close to the bridge there was no room to manoeuvre.  I hit the bridge with the front of our boat and hit the moored boat with the back.   If you are stupid enough to moor like that there is nothing more to say.   The box that took the brunt of the last touch with a bridge took the brunt of the damage again today.  The vinyl cover is a mess now, and I imagine that one of the panels is broken.  I’ll look more closely at it tomorrow.   The bridge also pulled our chimney off, the shiny new chinamans hat is now a bit of a crumpled mess.

We ended up stopping earlier than planned tonight, the weather was just getting worse.   It’s not pleasant in the wind with hail lashing your face.  I used the time wisely and made Orange & Almond Cake.  Very successful.

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