Final 12 month stats.

We think it has been a year to the day since we have actually been moving on the canals.   Since Howies’ return we started out well but things fell to bits for a while.   But here are the stats from 20 March to 18 April – 91.5 miles, 183 locks & 6 tunnels.

So the total for the 12 month period:

Miles:      612.5

Locks:      622

Tunnels:   22

An average of a whopping 1.67 miles per day.

We have replaced the toilet, the fridge, the washing machine and 2 out of 3 batteries – all of them failed and were irrepairable.  The gear box was replaced prior to us moving on-board – it had also failed but was picked up in the survey.  We’ve replaced the stern gland seal, had a full service on the Eberspacher heating.  And also replaced the calorifier (total fail of the internal seals) and replaced the shower surrounds, taps and shower head.   We’ve replaced the curtains and installed a new dinette/double bed and also a drop down dining table.  We’ve added secondary double glazing, cratch & rear covers.  We’ve also installed 2 TV’s and a satellite dish with a back up antenna.  Along with the regular boat maintenance required – oil changes, fuel filters etc.

When we sell in 12 months time – someone will be getting a great boat.

We’re back in a marina (Cropredy) for a fortnight as I’m off to the States for 10 days.  We’re heading  towards London and there isn’t really anywhere that we were comfortable leaving the boat actually on the canal between here and Oxford.  And it’s easier for Howie if it’s in a marina.   Also there are not a lot of accessible shops between here and there.  We stayed our allotted amount of time in Banbury – you can only stay 48 hours, with no returning within 28 days.   Shame, I like Banbury, the long time moorings weren’t great though.


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