Wow time flies etc

Its been weeks since I last updated.   I’d like to tell you of all the exciting things we did, but realistically there weren’t any.   I didn’t tell you but along with the calorifier, the plastic sheeting on the shower walls have splits in them so we had been trying to find someone to assist with that at the same time as the clarifier.   (3 months in a marina, with people who could have fixed all this, unable to move and this all happens one week into our travels!!)  No easy task I might add, people are booked out months in advance.    We finally found someone to take a look at the calorifier thing, sort of wish we hadn’t, the outcome was that the seal way in the middle of the whole thing had deteriorated, they replaced the seal but it was it leaking even worse.   They tried bogging it up with the silicone that sets under water and even that failed.   So no option but a new calorifier.   Not a major problem (big cost tho) until they said yes of course they will order one for us, it should be in tomorrow, they would be able to fit it in about 10 days.   I’m a little embarrassed to say that I may have lost it then and there on the spot.    It was only three words then I gathered myself and went outside to think for 5 minutes.  Without the calorifier we were effectively stuck with no water at all, and no heating.   We ended up with a mooring in the marina with all the facilities we needed except water on the boat.  While we were there we decided to tackle the bathroom ourselves.   The quotes that we had were outrageous to say the least.   £2500+…..  the guys do a lovely job but really?  It was a smart move to do the shower now, water was getting behind the tiles and causing mold, and it was only going to get worse.   I suppose the saving grace is that we were moored up for so long last year we weren’t using the shower regularly, so it wasn’t as bad as it could be.   And a lot of the ’tiling’ just fell off the wall, the shower fittings were what had been keeping it in place.  So we’ve changed the fittings to be enclosed behind the wall, and put in a new shower head as well, a small change but it gave us a bit more space.  I couldn’t convince Howie to pull the base out and rejig the drain system so we are stuck with the slow drain issue, but it makes us more aware of how much water is being used.   And I have to say – very happy with the outcome.  Much nicer than the public urinal effect that was we’d inherited.    And as a result of my little outburst the clarifier was fitted the day after it arrived.   Win win.

We are moored up in Banbury now, still finishing off the bathroom, it should be done today.   It’s been a slow cruise down to here, we are stalling a bit as I’m off to the States on Easter Sunday for 10 days, and we don’t won’t to be too close to London before then – it’s an extra licence and I don’t won’t to waste 10 days of it in a marina.

The one thing I did see on the way down here, running along the top of one of the locks was a mink!   I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo, and initially I thought it was a domestic rat.   But it was definitely a mink.

Tomorrow marks 12 months on the boat.  No photos today.   I’m running out of free space on WordPress and I’m trying to stall as long as possible before I start paying to use it.  Unfortunately the blog doesn’t earn me an income.

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