Now in Warwick

Its been a busy few days.  We did the Wast Hill Tunnel, the  second longest on the system and its two way.  Fortunately we met no-one going through, and the boat we were following set a pretty good pace.   We kept going till we got to near the Lapworth flight and moored overnight.  We should have stayed there another day – 14 locks – in the rain, it was cold, wet and miserable.  But they were done, and we arrived in Kingswood Junction. We used the facilities there, they have a shower block.  There’s a note on the door saying that due to water pressure, if some one is filling their boat with water, the shower will cut out.   I think they need a new plumber!!  The shower cuts out every three minutes, and the water is scalding hot, you can’t get it cool enough to enjoy the shower.   So you spend your time alternating between standing around dripping in the cold and being boiled for 3 minutes. We’ve done nothing about the calorifier as yet, so I’m a bit reluctant to use the shower on the boat.   The disposable nappies are doing their jobs, it looks like there are 2 small leaks, we will have a go at tightening up the joints on the weekend.

Yesterday we completed the Hatton locks – 21 of them – in 2:30 hours – good time!   As we approached a lady asked if they could join us going down, two volunteers appeared from nowhere and we were away.  Of the whole flight there was only one lock against us.  Mind you there was one boating disaster which cost us 4 wine glasses.  We need to sort out a better storage system for them than the one we have.  I almost had to resort to using a Vegemite glass for last nights wine.

So that is the worst of it out of the way now.  It will be reasonably easy cruising for the next couple of weeks.  There will be locks along the way but they won’t be an event that needs to be planned for.   Moored up outside the big Tesco near Warwick tonight.  We need to stock up on everything.  We’re back in the family zone, so planning is being put on hold for the  time being, but we are slowly but surely making our way towards London.

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One Response to Now in Warwick

  1. Jean says:

    thank god for vegemite glasses


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