It’s a New Year

Well Christmas has been and gone.  New Years eve has been and gone.  And the new year begins.

Dyls, Howie & I met with UK sista & Melb sista in London before Christmas.   Melb sista has moved to Abu Dhabi now, so closer but still a long way away.  The plan was to take Little Miss M ice skating, but none of us had the smarts to book the tickets in advanced and it was booked solid, so we couldn’t do it.   She was devastated.  She was happy to settle for a chocolate ice-cream (desperation – chocolate always works) for a short while, but kept constantly wanting to go back.  I’m a bad aunt, it just didn’t cross my mind.

We left London really early on the 23rd, they were forecasting such bad weather that ticket restrictions were cancelled and everyone was advised to get their train travel done as early as possible.  We were luckier than a lot of people and managed to get where we were going.   The UK has been hit by awful gales recently.  We picked up the car and drove to the Lakes District in horrible weather, it was dark when we got there, there was so much water on the road.   We stayed in Skelwith Bridge just outside of Ambleside.  The cottage was really snug, but down a goat track which deteriorated over the next couple of days, another day using it and it would not have been usable without 4wd.    The walls of the cottage were stone and about 2 foot thick.  Once we were inside we had no idea of the weather situations outside.  We did hardly any walking because of the atrocious weather.  However we had a lovely Christmas with Howies relatives in the cottage they hired.    We drove home on the Friday after – also in bad weather.   It took 3 hours to get there on the 23rd, the busiest travel day of the year.  It took 6+ hours to get back.  The M6 was a carpark.   I must tell you that our little cottage had a couple of bird feeders, which were great.  One of them had a wood pecker come and visit every day.  The weather was such rubbish that I couldn’t get a photo of it – very disappointing.

And for the first time in many years I actually saw in the New Year.   I haven’t done the midnight thing for so long I can’t  remember when it was last.  We spent it with the crew of NB Nel and friends of theirs.

In other news Howie is heading home in a couple of weeks, back to work.  What can I say.  I’ll be staying here on the boat.  We are quite snug in the Marina in Stourport, getting blown around by the wind, but it would be much worse out on the canal.   And as it looks like I’m going to be by myself for a while this is a good a place as any to be.

The internet gods aren’t smiling on me tonight and I can’t get any photos to upload.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

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One Response to It’s a New Year

  1. Jacquie says:

    Hi Lesley.. did you fall off the end of the earth?
    How about an update… what are you doing without hubby? Jacquie


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