They’ve fixed all the problems with my new laptop.   None of which were caused by me I might add.   It’s taken about a month.   I turn it on and it works at a reasonable speed now.   Lets hope it lasts, I can’t go through all that again.  Work people reading this will know that dealing with IT support/help desk is not one of my strong points.

So boating news.   We’ve moved into a secure marina in Stourport for a couple of weeks.   We will off the boat for a while so this was the  best option.   Most of the Christmas shopping has been done, decorations are up, christmas cards have been sent.  (To those who receive them – the photo is one of mine, it made me laugh.)  Stourport have all their streets decorated for Xmas, it’s lovely.

Tomorrow I will try uploading photos – but I’m pretty excited that I’ve been able to do this blog without getting shouty or sweary at all.


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