St Jude storms

Once again I’ve been M.I.A!!  Issues with the boat, laptop, wi-fi, laptop, windows.  I’m worried the blog is just going to turn into a litany of disasters and misery.   Lets work through the list.

Now that winter is knocking on our door, the central heating stopped working.  Called the man out who couldn’t fix it and had to take it away. As it turns out (2 specialists later) our diesel was a bit lower than the intake required to run the heater thingy.   Filled the boat with diesel – problem solved!!   Yay.   Note to self – keep the diesel  levels up.

The crappy little laptop I’ve been using finally stopped working so I had to replace it.  I’d made an appointment to go back and have a “show-how” at the shop I got it from.   I made it for a couple of days after I’d bought it so that I could get any problems that I couldn’t fix sorted out (makes sense when you think about it).  Unfortunately the tech I was meant to see quit – 5 days earlier.   Do you think I could convince the store that “no Saturday doesn’t work for me, no I don’t have a car we live on a boat, no but we wont be in Chester”  and repeat.  Several times.  In  the end I decided to take the laptop to the same company in a different town.   The dude was as stumped as me with my problems and took him a lot of research to work out how to fix the problems.  Mac wouldn’t show the photos on my stand alone hard drive so that I could actually see them.  And, as it turned out, the original store hadn’t installed half the stuff I’d asked/paid for.   Finally got all that sorted.

And somehow in the space of 1 day I’d used 17gb of data – our monthly allowance.  Don’t know how, the wi-fi is password protected.   So had to spend much time on the phone trying to buy more data.  Time I will never get back.  Call centres – gotta love them.   They would get a lot less complaints if they would actually listen to what was said to them, instead of just blindly following a script.  Anyway – rant over.

So the St Jude storm.  We got a little bit of wind when the front came through initially.   But we were just on the very edge of it, in a really well protected area, so no winds, just steady rain all night.   Woke up to a lovely sunny day.

Currently have some guys working on the boat – all the windows need to be pulled out and reinstalled.   Chalk up another mark against the idiot that did the original self fitout.   This is going to be a great boat by the time we sell it.

With luck normal transmission will now resume.   So long as the gremlins don’t eat all my data.

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3 Responses to St Jude storms

  1. jacquie says:

    Keep your chin up. I stop working for Amdocs on the 15 Nov and have bought a caravan so we may have similar issues (a wheel falling off?). We do not even have a toilet so it cant stop working. 🙂 Jacquie


    • Lizzi says:

      How’s life as a retiree? I’m having awful computer/internet problems, but they should have sorted it out now. Third time lucky! Means I will be able to start blogging again. Are you going to do a blog or do we just guess at what you are doing. You could call it Karavan Kalamitys! Travel with the Kent’s. I should be in marketing!!!


    • Lizzi says:

      Or Kaos instead of Kalamity!


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