In the marina.

After much deliberation we decided to go straight to the marina – White Bear in Adlington.   We had spoken to them earlier in the week, it was our back up plan if there was nothing available on the other side of Blackburn, so we gave them a call to see if they still had a vacancy.  It turned out it was the right thing to do, within an hour of us getting there all spots were taken.  Now we are hooked up to power and have all the facility’s we need at our door step.  We’ve used our time wisely and washed and polished one side of the boat.   We need to turn in around to do the other side.   It looks 100% better.  Also if no one is on the boat we know it is secure.

We are heading to the Lakes District tomorrow for a day or two, meeting our neighbours from home. It  will be nice to be off the boat for a day or two as well.  And a hotel.   Friday we are heading to London for the weekend, Thursday I fly home for a couple of weeks.  Howie is staying in the UK, either on the boat or visiting somewhere.


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One Response to In the marina.

  1. Sarah says:

    How’s life ‘up north’, Taylors?? Hope you can understand the local dialect and the beer’s good 😉 Enjoy your time in the Lakes – the cake in Chester’s is amazing! Laters Sxx


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