Wigan again.

We’ve back tracked to Wigan, to the top of the flight.   It’s not a bad place to be, there is a bus & pub handy.  Also all the boaty things you need, showers, water, rubbish disposal, toilets.   We’re hanging round for a couple of days as we are getting some stuff delivered to one of the boatyards and they are doing some work on the boat for us.   We’ve decided to have a cratch fitted (photo’s to follow) and some boxes made for the front of the boat.  Starting to prepare for winter.  As it turns out we are still having issues with water in the fuel.  So got CRT out again to replace all the fuel filters –  it turned out to be the engineer who did the welding – they have the contract.  We were going to do it ourselves but couldn’t find the fuel filters in the town to purchase.  We have been a bit proactive though and bought a diesel siphon.  We’ve taken out about 10 litres of dirty fuel from the bottom of the tank and will probably take out some more tomorrow.  Ran out of storage containers today.

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One Response to Wigan again.

  1. Jacquie says:

    Hi Lesley, thought it was about time I joined the conversation.
    What I am seeing on your blog is making me very jealous. Definitely nicer than Melbourne at the moment. Keep up the blogging cause i am following. Jacquie


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