Toilet talk – look away now, I wont be offended.

It was Howie’s Auntie Wendys birthday this weekend, so he volunteered to go down early and assist with setting up the tents etc.   We hired a car as we had some stuff we needed to do while we had wheels.  We left the boat in a marina in Stoke on Trent while we were away.

One of the main things we had to do  was to have a chat to the guys at the Hillmorton Chandlery – their service is amazing.   We bought an AirHead toilet from them when toilet #1 packed up.   It has been fantastic, not a problem with it at all.  No smell.   Fabulous.   But – for some reason we have a mold or fungus on the outside of ours which I cannot get under control.   And I’ve tried.   Believe me I have tried.  Bleach, straight bleach, vinegar, toilet wipes, hand sanitiser, chlorine spray.   Every two hours.   And I go to the bathroom and there it is again – giving me the bird.  I can hear it saying “up yours I’m not going anywhere”.  I was hoping that it was a general problem and they would tell us we were doing something wrong, change our behaviour and all will be well.   Too easy.   They had never heard anything like it.  The only solution they could think of was to bring the toilet back and they would swap it for a new one.  Did I mention their service was amazing?

Back up the M6 to get the toilet from the boat only too reach Birmingham and realise the boat keys were back at Southam,  turn around go back.  Pick up the keys, turn around, back up the M6.  Dismantle and empty said toilet, back to Southam.   We considered going straight to Hillmorton but I was done.

We arrived at Hillmorton the next morning, they’d had a busy weekend and had sold out of AirHeads which left us with a bit of a dilemma.  But once again – amazing service – they  have given us a PortaPotti to use and will ship our new AirHead loo to us when it comes in.   They are also sending samples of our industrial strength fungus off to be analysed  – one of the guys there has a science background and has contacts. Too be fair – if they could find a solution to the problem I would happily settle for our old loo being sent back to us.  But as we had it outside the shop while we were talking and we could see the “thing” growing in front of our eyes on the handle – which is surgical grade stainless steel, I think they will keep it.   Just for the record  – no one else has come back with this problem, I can’t find anything on the web about it, and nothing at all on the AirHead site.  Meanwhile I’m sitting here waiting for guys in hazmat suits to come and isolate us on the boat.

All this took so long we just had time to do a quick dash to Costco, drop everything at the boat, do some shopping at the supermarket next to Enterprise car hire (they will pick us up and drop us back – part of the service) and return the car.  It was a very cunning plan.

We dragged all our bags of shopping into the boat and put it away in the fridge.  Went back later and thought that’s not right.   Checked the fuse.  Checked the power.  Checked there was space in the fridge in the office and carted everything down there. Hottest day of the year, in the middle of summer (if you were English you would say the best summer in years – I’m not in English – those words are not coming from my lips) and our fridge has died.   One of the lovely guys who works at the marina came round in the morning – he is their electrician and works on all their hire boats had a good look at it and said nothing to be done.  Back to the internet, another day in the marina and a new fridge was delivered the very next day.  Installed it, got our stuff from the other fridge.  And we are back on the water.   7 days we were in that marina.  On the good side the blogs only 2 days behind now.  Down side – ouch the expense.

However when we sell the boat to go home, someone is going to have a great boat with pretty much all new fixtures and fittings.

Also I had  whole list of titles for this post but in the end went the safe route.  And considering how long it has taken me to get this written I would imagine my next expense is going to be a new laptop.

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One Response to Toilet talk – look away now, I wont be offended.

  1. Jan brooks says:

    Hope you’ve conquered your fungal problem! Start writing the script for the movie.


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