St Petersburg, day 1.

Two short flights got us to St Petersburg, with a long break in-between. A long wait to get off the the plane and onto the bus, to take us to the very old terminal. After queueing for ages to get through customs we found the cab booth and booked a cab through them, it’s the best way apparently. Not as risky. The girl in the booth organized a cab for us and wrote on the receipt what it would cost (same price as I was told by the guy who’s apartment we are renting) – 900 rubles. It’s Victory Day holiday here today – Russia has pretty much been on holidays since 1st May – so a lot of the roads were closed for celebration parades. The ride to the apartment was terrifying. Speeds of up to 100 km through the city streets, they drive like they are on a race track. Anyway, when we got to our destination the cabbie stood there and demanded 3000 rubles!! A bit of a Mexican stand off happened, the guy Andrey came out to see what was going on. I handed him the receipt from the cab co and he very calmly took up the argument – the cabbie finally gave up and left. Worth a try I suppose, it probably works more often than not.

Did some food shopping and went to see the fireworks tonight. The architecture is beautiful, our apartment is in the middle of the historical area, where the embassies are.

Long day ahead tomorrow.

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