Finally got to where we needed to be for the bank weekend. We had a very cunning plan – as we were meeting with Handyman v.4 I thought the logical place to moor would be a pub. Got a great spot opposite The Cape of Good Hope (it’s a pub) in Warwick, and then went for a drink – well that was the plan anyway. It is closed for refurbishment, on a bank holiday weekend, what were they thinking? There was just a constant stream of people trying to get in. The weather was beautiful all weekend – so nice I’m sunburnt. The good news is that V.4 starts work on Wednesday. London sista, her man & mum had been in the Cotswolds for the weekend, so they came and inspected the boat. We had a walk along the canal, then went for dinner. All in all a good weekend. I like Warwick, it’s one of my favorite places. We moved the boat a little bit, on Monday, into a marina that is run for charity – Saltisford Arm marina, great facilities. They have a laundry – so managed to get all the washing dried. It makes it a quick walk into Warwick town from there, as well as having a supermarket just down the road.

Monday also saw me heading to London via train to try and get our Russian visas sorted out. I’ve been plagued by issues and timing problems with the awful things. Anyway, finally got them sorted out on Tuesday then had a quite afternoon in London Sista’s flat in Forest Hill. Went to Brighton on Wednesday with mum. After a walk on the pebbly beach and lunch at Jamie’s Italian (nice) we spent far too much time fantasy shopping for jewellery in The Lanes. Headed back to London mid afternoon so I could go back to the embassy to pick up the passports. By this time Howie was in London so we met up for Chinese.

As we had a flight at ridiculous o’clock this morning we stayed out at a hotel near Heathrow overnight, which brings us to now. Sitting at the transit lounge in Stockholm International – is this the most expensive airport in the world??????? 3 coffees, 3 cakes, $45 USD. Heading to St Petersburg for the weekend. I should imagine that I will think Stockholm Airport is bargain basement by the time we come back through next week. But they have free wi-fi.

In other news our luggage has arrived and will be delivered next week, which means as soon as V.4 does his thing we can finally be on our way. I shipped a cappuccino machine over, I’m looking forward to a decent coffee! Howie is looking forward to having more clothes.

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