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Well I managed to get through three of the most stressful months of my life – pretty much in one piece.  There was a bit of plot loss at a coffee shop,  which involved me crying into my coffee for an hour.   Sorry guys at The BrewHouse.    And packing up a house you have lived in for 27 years – takes weeks.   I’d been packing on and off for 6 months, and still had to get people in to pack the last of it up before the removalists arrived.  Also sending out thanks to next door who kindly let us stay for a few weeks, as our house got rented out sooner than was planned.

But on the positive side (and there is always a positive side) I found time to fly to the UK and buy a canal boat.   Which is where we are at the moment, and will be for the next year or two.

The boat – NB Jasmine Weyr – was moored at Braunston Marina, and under 6 inches of snow when I looked at her.  She was on of 11 I looked at over a 4 day period.   3 were on my short list, picked from the internet.   There was one of the three I may have bought, the other 2 weren’t even a consideration – photos on the internet lie!  But at the last minute I went to Braunston Marina – 15 minutes from where I had been staying – and convinced them to let me look at some boats.  On the worst day of the year.   There was so much snow that I didn’t know that we have solar panels.  And it was a bit of a shock when we arrived to find we have a yellow roof.  Things were so cold that we didn’t even start the engine.  And there was no option of a test drive as it was frozen in.  So I arrange to buy subject to survey.  Needless to say the fact that when they survey came back saying the gearbox didn’t work was a bit of a shock.  But it was all fixed in the end.

The survey also picked up that the toilet was a bit smelly and not working correctly, this was also repaired.  Unfortunately – not fixed.   Because we had issues with the loo we hung around in the marina for almost 5 days (sleeping at the Aunties). We had a car and knew we would have a lot of running around to do to set things up.   Bedding, technology, food. And cleaning – OMG the cleaning.   8 bags of  “stuff” to the tip.  And screws in the wall – I think I removed 50 of them and I’ve just found another 5 that will be going.   It wouldn’t be so bad if things that were meant be fixed actually were – that stuff is just blowing around int the breeze.  Then once we were convinced the loo was working and the wind dropped below gale force, finally left.   Treated our selves to breakfast at the floating restaurant – Gongoozalers Rest – it’s famous on the canals. And away we went.

An excerpt from an email I sent to Melb Sista –

And also – the toilet – I went #2’s once and it died.   Mortifying!!!  Hand to get man with a HUGE vacuum to remove offending articles.   And the electrician is not a plumber as we all know, and  dragged a hose too hard and that was it.  Shite everywhere – Wendy’s towels will never be the same.  I will need to replace them.
We now have a replacement loo in, but can still only do 1’s, parked near a public loo and a pub for cases of emergency.
Waiting on the handyman to come tonight to cut hole in the roof to put the “venting” through.
So – now you know our problem.   Still waiting on a handyman – the first one did come as planned but said no to the roof immediately but hopefully he will do the rest of the work needed/wanted.  We are kind of stuck in this area for a while anyway waiting on our boxes from Australia and a sofa bed to be delivered to the Aunties house, and I don’t want to put them out having to drive all round the country trying to find us.
But it’s a handy place to be stuck.   We are close to the local bus to Coventry, and staggering distance to The Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction.  (I don’t know how to do links!)   They had Morris dancers last night for St Georges Day, the dancing was between the pub and the canal.   How no-one fell in was a miracle, they were very enthusiastic.
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  1. Marion Harrison says:

    Hi. Managed to get your note v.g. I,m at Bright Anzac Day Shelles B.D. Went to dawn service with Lance took girls to later march very interesting. I,m now watching match by myself women are out somewhere for cake Zoe,s houseactually I didn’t,t want to go. Will catch up on Tuesday looking forward to it all Good luck see you soon, Mum.


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