Things always happen for a reason.

I came home early as they have an new VP who needs help.   Not that I have done anything for him at all. Not that I haven’t tried.  Not that I care.   Everything happens for a reason.

Because I came home early I was here with Howie when he heard, over the weekend,  his uncle in Ireland had an accident, car v tree, he passed away on Sunday night.

Because I came home early i was here for mum when the guy who has his caravan on her property and pays her rent, and has been a family “friend” for at least 35 years – committed suicide – on mums property.  He was found by a girlfriend of his. Fortunately dads cousin Brian was over at the time (ex Chief Inspector of Police) and he took control of the situation.   Also as this was not unexpected I and others had previous discussion with her and told her if she even thought he had done something stupid in the van she was to go back to the house and call the police to deal with it, that this was something she didn’t need to see.   As she was heading down to see what was going on – she heard those conversations play over in her head, turned round and went back to the house.   Best decision she ever made.

Surprisingly – it all sounds a lot worse than it actually is, Claire and I spent yesterday at mums, and spoke to her this morning.   She’s ok. We are all ok.

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