Wow – 100th post and do I have news for you.

Well – I never thought I would get to 100 but here it is.   And the news?   I’ve been sitting on it for a while, but now that my boss knows what my boss knows, I can talk about it.   As of April next year – Howie & I will be relocating to the UK to live on a canal boat for a couple of years.   Tickets have been booked and paid for.  The house is in the process of being packed up.   A shipping container for our furniture storage has been purchased and will be delivered to my mums on Wednesday of next week.  I will start moving things over the weekend.   All I can see at home is acres of bubble wrap.  Items are also being put aside for a clearing sale.  Random purchases for the boat have been made – cappuccino machine being first item purchased.  

There was even moment of minor excitement when I thought I had found the perfect boat.  But for whatever reason the guy didn’t get back to me (or anyone else that I asked to call him) and the add has now been cancelled.   

In the mean time – we still have Christmas and Easter at home with the family.  And I can waste many  hours (many hours) looking at potential boats on the internet.

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