Chicago – still here

I seem to have an uploading problem. It shows the blog as uploaded, but next time I go to it it’s still sitting there as a draft. So that explains the random updates. Apologies.

12 April – Yesterday we walked down to Navy Pier, got slightly side tracked as there is a whole area blocked off for security reasons, not a great deal happening down there, but we spent some time looking a the Museum of Stained Glass Windows. Saw our fourth car accident while we were walking. 4 accidents = 4 cars upside down, wheels in the air. Go figure.

We caught the water taxi back to the hotel. One of us tried to have a nana nap, the other went to the Art Institute of Chicago. As I couldn’t get to sleep I went and did the last of the shopping that was on the list.

We walked down to the Italian area for dinner, the table had a wooden divider turning a table for 6 into a table for 4 and 2. It was quite intrusive and almost a bit offensive. The wife of the couple sitting at the table was so annoyed with it she took it off and put it against the wall. In the end we had a really great night, they were a lovely couple with 2 cute sons. They were in town for the night as a spring break before the eldest boy want back to school.

13 April – Visited Union Station to see what it was like. Very grand, most of the major American stations have been very grand and spotlessly clean. From the there we went to the Mercantile Mart, interesting if you were looking to renovate your house.

Have I mentioned the tulips?? Thousands of them mass planted in all the streets. All different colors, really spectacular. Not just on one street, all over the city. I would expect to see massed tulips like this in Amsterdam, wasn’t expecting it here. Beautiful!!!! In fact I think Chicago is beautiful. It’s a really easy city to get around. But I would come back a bit later in the year. A lot of tourist things don’t open until the end of the month. It seems to be quite seasonal.

Tomorrow will be spent packing as we fly in the afternoon, and maybe soaking my feet. We have walked so far I think I have blisters forming on the soles. Back to work on Monday.

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