Chicago – at the ball game

We went to Wrigley Fields today to watch the Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers. Cubs lost 2 – 1. Mid week game and the stadium was almost full. It was a whole lot of fun. Apparently the game was low scoring because it was cold and the wind was blowing in to the ground. If it was hot and the wind was blowing out of the ground it would be a completely different result – the Cubs would probably still have lost, but the game would be more high scoring. Never mind which way the wind was blowing – it was freezing. Sunny but freezing. Another day of -2 due to wind chill. By the end of the 9th innings my feet and fingers were numb, and even with the ski jacket, an extra layer and a hat I was shivering. Howie was very happy, we got to have a ride on the train – red line.

My thoughts are with Catherine and family today. R.I.P. Gerry.

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