Tulsa to Joplin

Pretty straight forward drive today. Through cattle farming country. It is all very green now. Lots of crops growing. If it wasn’t for the housing you could be in the U.K.

Still sticking to Route 66 as much as possible. Pulled into a little town for a quick break this morning, which ended up being a whole lot of fun. The people in the Packard Museum were really interesting, and as it turned out Grant Denyer had done the weather from there a couple of years ago. I bought a coaster that had been made by one of the owners friends, she only got them in the shop last night, I was the first person to come in and the first person to buy one. As a result she took a picture of me and put it on her blog.

Stopped in the town of Commerce to to make lunch. When I was taking photos before we left and old guy, Mr Foss, started talking to me. Told me all the town history, then proceeded to give me lessons in “hand yoga”. Apparently his son teaches it all round the world at $200.00 per hour or something, but I got a lesson for nothing. Quite a few buildings in the town are being sold tomorrow,

In a lovely little RV Park tonight. On the edge of a lake, and near a wood. Unfortunately it is really close to the freeway as well. Very noisy.

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