The Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma

It was really classy. It was more of an art gallery and museum, than the “tourist attraction” I was expecting. Amazing paintings of all things western. The museum part was also very good. I particularly liked the section dedicated to the various Indian tribes. The “old western town” at sunset was sensor activated, if you walked into one of the shops the appropriate sounds started. And as we walked around the sounds were all overlapping, so it sounded like it was really alive. Some excellent bronzes as well. Would recommend and also go back again.

In Tulsa now. The town is huge. Didn’t Gene Pitney have a song about Tulsa?

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2 Responses to The Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma

  1. lance says:

    hey, i thought l was looking for a red bag.
    So are you singing all the right songs for each stage of the journey?
    If not the co pilot is not drinking enough!
    Have you mixed a martini whilst on the road yet?


    • Lizzi says:

      Well the play list was all set up but is on my iPod which is M.I.A. In the bag!! We have specially bought mugs that keep the drinks cool for when we want them. Martini mix was bought in bulk early on in the trip.


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