Texas to Oklahoma

We got a bit blown around last night but nothing compared to what Dallas copped today. Has anyone seen the footage of the semi’s being blown through the sky by the tornado?

Dinner was great, the Restuarant lived up to it’s hype. We were seated on a table next door to Texan family celebrating their brothers birthday. You get a free steak if it is your birthday. It turns out one of the sisters did the murals on the buildings I’ve been taking photos of! Small world. The family home was on the old Route 66, they were full of information. The restaurant had a roaming western band, they were very good and not intrusive at all.

Headed out early this morning, our last long drive,with not a lot to see. Oklahoma claims to have the most mile of Route 66 in the country. They may well have, but it isn’t very well marked and we couldn’t find most of it, so drove on the I-40 most of the way. It rained for the last hour of the drive. Not torrential, just annoying drizzle, enough to make the window dirty when a truck went past.

Pulled into the RV Park as planned. Howard came back from registering, with – guess what!!!! NO BAG! There’s a surprise for you.

While Howard was outside hooking everything up I called LAX Baggage. Got a newbie today, Kathryn, haven’t spoken to her before. According to her, the bag was in LA as they didn’t have an address to send it to. Really? Cos that wasn’t the conversation I had 4 days ago. Please could you just read the notes – the bag was meant to be delivered. I gave them 4 days lead time. Why? Why is this so difficult? So she put me on hold for 20 minutes and finally came back to tell me she needed to speak to the Airport to sort this out. And would call me back. Well she didn’t call me back, the airport did. Can I speak to Lesley Taylor please? Speaking. Could I speak to Lesley Taylor? Yes you are speaking to her! Repeat 4 times. Are you talking to me or someone else – because I’m really losing interest now. Sorry thought I called the hotel. Hotel – what Hotel? This is the airport. We have a message about a bag. We don’t know what bag they are speaking of. OMG – go and find Kathryn, Neil, Mark and Jenny – sit down in a room and sort this out. Call me when you have an answer.

FYI – we are 200 yards from a outlet mall. Guess where I am going tomorrow.

My money is now on the bag being declared lost.

And Branson – I’ve been very careful to keep names and brands out of this, but be warned – letters will be sent when I get home.

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