Ha! You thought I was going to say our bags arrived – didn’t you? That joy is scheduled for tomorrow. Bets anyone?

No – we have finally dropped below 6000 feet. Things are getting greener – but we are sitting it out at the Amarillo Ranch RV Park (3676 ft above sea level), waiting on a severe storm warning. Breathing is much easier when you get lower down, though it was only effecting us if we did a long walk or anything strenuous. Over the past week we have acclimatized quite well. And it is easier on your nasal passages, not nearly as drying.

31 March – We left Holbrook reasonably early as we had quite a long drive, we were still 1 day behind. Our first stop was Gallop – full of Indian trading stores. Zuni and Navajo mainly. Previously it was Hopi and Navajo (from the Grand Canyon to Holbrook). We did visit the El Rancho hotel, quite grand inside in a very Western way. The big curving staircase was made from logs the bannisters as well as the steps. The biggest open fire I’ve seen in a long time. It would be amazing to see with a fire in it. Apparently all the old movie stars stayed there. Next stop was Grants – we pulled into a supermarket carpark to make lunch, we’d driven for a while through the town and thought there was nothing much there. I cooked cinnabon rolls – they come in a tube that you open and just put in the oven. A little burnt on the bottom but quite successful. If we had driven another mile or so we would have come to a newer part of town, lots of people at a communal yard sale. The Franciscan lodge that is the town highlight was closed – but looked amazing from the outside. Got a bit lost looking for the next stop at Rio Rancho, but did cross the Rio Grande – isn’t there a song or something?

1 April – Another early get away (should be caught up tomorrow). Pulled over to help a guy who’s car had broken down in the middle of a very narrow winding road. We also saw a roadrunner – running across the road. Stopped at Santa Rosa for lunch at Josephs and then went to look at the Blue Hole. Would have been fun to have swim as the water temp is a constant 61 deg. They also do scuba diving there, the Hole is 80 feet deep and a diving mecca in the middle of the desert. Called into the car museum in Santa Rosa, interesting – lots of cars for sale as well as on display. All sorts of random car related memorabilia on show. Stayed the night at Tucumacari. It looked like it would have been a thriving town, except recently there had been a fire that took out a big chunk of the shops in the main street.

2 April – We’d heard on the news last night to expect severe weather today, so headed out early this morning, along with the rest of the RV Park. It was pretty empty when we left at 8:00 this morning. Only had two highlights this visit today on the way to Amarillo. Followed the road to San Jon, then headed on to Glenrio – didn’t see the sign saying it was a dirt track, that went for miles. Miles! Finally got back to a civilised road and called into Adrian, exactly halfway between Santa Monica and Chicago. Yet another deserted town, the main attractions we derelict. Followed the road for a bit longer then it suddenly ran out. Back tracked, crossed over to the other side of the Interstate (Route 66 runs parallel to the I40). And stumbled across the Cadillac ranch, we would have missed it completely if we had been on the Interstate. Our RV Park tonight is under the flight path of Fort Worth. Heading out for dinner tonight – The Big Texan Steak Ranch – they come and get us and drop us back home after dinner.

It’s quite strange driving on the actual old road, you drive through town after town, quite often there are shiny new cars, but no people to been seen anywhere. If you want people you need to go to a Mall or supermarket. It’s easier driving on the old road, no semi trailers to do battle with.m. Some times it is terrifying.

Sit rep: camera battery now dead. But I did buy a new memory card yesterday. Resorting to using a camera phone, no idea how these photos will work out, as I can’t actually see the screen. No laptop, working on the iPad. So I can see emails but can’t really respond to anything. Heading into cooler weather soon, so if the bag doesn’t turn up tomorrow it will be back to ski jackets and t- shirts. Still no ability to up load photos, I’ll add some as soon as I can. Also we have caught up to where we should be, so no more long haul driving.

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