Still in the desert high plains.

28 March – spent some time standing on corners in Winslow, Arizona today. Pretty much all there is to do there. Stand on corners or train spot. So many trains. Great for the anorak amongst us. From there it was just a quick trip to Holbrook, our stop for the next 2 nights. The plan was to spend one day in the Petrified Forest and then a day in the Painted Desert. As it was such a short drive today we thought we would visit the Petrified Forest today and then book in to the OK RV Park, Holbrook.

The Petrified Forest is part of the National Park system, well marked out, good viewing places, lots of information. Not so much a forest now. It was a forest when there were dinosaurs, they are still finding dinosaur remains and have a resident paleontologist on site. What there is is lots of fallen petrified trees, millions of years old. If you didn’t know where you were you could mistake it for a deserted logging site. Next stop was the Crystal Forest, these fallen trees have crystals formed through the petrified wood. The next few stops were viewing points – showing rock art and fallen trees. Seriously – it was a lot more interesting than it sounds. Found a problem with our plan, the Petrified Desert and the Painted Desert are on the same scenic route. No option really, it wasn’t worth our while coming back tomorrow. The Painted Desert that you can visit is only the viewing points. Spectacular scenery, hilly red desert.

Spoke to LAX baggage when we were in Flagstaff, as I had phone reception and could/did book our future accommodation. Gave them the address in Holbrook – that gave them three days to get the bags to us. You’d think that would make it easy wouldn’t you!!!! How wrong you are!

Got a call in the Painted Desert from LAX baggage. Just calling to let me know that the bag was at Flagstaff for me to collect. Really – Flagstaff! I’ve been trying really hard to keep my calm with these people but this call just about pushed me over the edge. I’ve managed to contain the potty mouth as I doubt it would achieve anything, but there were some classic lines that Howie will be repeating for some time to come. The problem is they tell me they can see what the instructions are when I point out how wrong they are, but never read that far down before they do anything. They are driving me mad. So I called them when we got the the RV park and they confirmed that the bag has been shipped from Flagstaff back to LAX, they were to all me back to me last night with confirmation of the bag being sent to Holbrook – chance would be a fine thing. Called them back this morning – surprise he was just looking at my file, and arranging for the bag to be sent back from Flagstaff – really – read your notes!!! PLEASE JUST READ YOUR NOTES – ALIGN THE CRAP YOU ARE TELLING ME, IT WON’T DRIVE INSANE AS MUCH IF I JUST HAD TO FOLLOW ONE LOT OF RUBBISH. Sitting here now waiting for them to call me back

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