More Desert High Plains.

Due to the fact that we booked for two nights while waiting for the non-appearing bag and had all the sight seeing done yesterday that was planned for this day, today was a quite one. A bit of a sleep in, a couple of loads of washing, book reading. And endless waiting for an update from LAX Baggage.

Some random facts for you. We are in the Desert High Plains and have been since Williams. I don’t think the landscape is as varied as our desert. The plants all appear the same, but that may just be my perception. We haven’t been below 6000 feet for 6 days. The height is quite dehydrating. Also they are in the middle of a drought. Normally from December to now they would have 2 inches of rain, half the yearly amount, but it hasn’t rained all. So even though we are in Spring everything is very dry and dehydrated. The leaves are just coming through on some of the trees. As well I’m really surprised how run down and dilapidated everywhere is. Most of the towns on Route 66 have many boarded up shops, half to a third of everything has closed down. I would imagine these smaller towns are just surviving on tourism. Is it just where we are traveling or is it the economic downturn? Haven’t seen a coffee shop in 3 days.

I gave up waiting on LAX baggage to call me, so I called them. The bag is allegedly in LA again (wish I was earning frequent flyer points on it). So I have asked that they ship it to Oklahoma City. We will be there on Tuesday. That gives them 4 days. Anyone care to place bets? If I didn’t desperately need my camera charger I would tell them just to declare it lost or ship it back home and then claim everything back on insurance.

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One Response to More Desert High Plains.

  1. lance says:

    Hi Lesley and Howard
    We have just found a red bag in our closet, could be the one!
    FAAARK what a pain,hats of to you for keeping cool.


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