Port Moresby – Day 3 – Diving

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6.45 am start today, us, 1 car, 1 security car – headed to Loloata Island Resort for some diving. Loloata is just off the coast – about 10 minutes by boat. Lovely flat seas, sunny skies. Water temp was 26c. What’s not to like?

Getting in the water was the usual faff. Needed more weigh because I couldn’t descend. Then I was unbalanced and kept tipping sideways. And sinus problems – OMG – it felt like my teeth were all wrapped in foil and trying to go through the top of my head. But by the time we got to the actual dive site it was all sorted out.

Our first dive was Di’s Delight. Known for the amazing fan corals on the reef. There is a channel you swim through past them, and in one case you need to swim over the top of one and immediately under the next one. Try duck diving in scuba gear! They are amazing and beautiful and diving near them scares me sh!tless. Not that they are scary or anything – it’s more that I am afraid I will hit one of them with a fin and destroy 2 million years of evolution in one go. However leaving them all still in one piece, we were on the other side of the reef. Huge schools of various small fish. I’d love to tell you what they were but my fish recognition is sketchy at best. I’m hoping it will improve with practice.

Back to the boat for 1 hour surface time and some food. The tropical fruit is amazing. I could live on the pineapple. During our surface time the boat moved on to the next dive site.

Back in the water and a quick swim and we were at the wreck we were diving on. My first wreck dive. A previous prawn trawler had been sunk purposely to create a dive site. Interesting corals around the outside and some colourful fish. We swam around the wreck, and then onto the deck, had a look in the wheelhouse. Saw a couple of Lion Fish in full display, not sure what had set them off, but they were in the middle of a school of little fish. Or they may have been displaying at each other. The mast was spectacular – huge schools of Glass Fish swimming round the mast. It was an amazing dive. Sort of like diving inside a really well set up aquarium. Headed back to the boat, then to the resort for lunch. Probably one of the best dives I have done. The only moment of unplanned excitement was when I was heading back to the boat it was much rougher than when we had gone in and the current was stronger than I expected. I came within inches of hitting the proppelor with my head, and kept getting thrown back towards it. Grabbed on to the stairs of the boat to pull myself out, but they were bouncing around and nearly got hit by them instead. I let them go and was suddenly metres from the boat and had to swim back.

Lunch was fish and chips – the chips were white sweet potato. Also there were some interesting birds at the resort – they are a type of pigeon.

Jane used the camera underwater – I spend to much time concentrating on the camera and instead of concentrating on not drowning.   I took the land photos.

Headed back home at about 2.30 and spent the next hour cleaning our dive gear and hanging it out. No dinner parties tonight so we went out to a company approved restaurant in town. Security met us at the car, 2 more security hanging round outside and one at the door of the restaurant. Home and straight to bed.

Holidays are exhausting. Tomorrow we are planning a quite one. An art warehouse and possibly the Art Gallery before settling down in front of the TV for the Melbourne Cup. We may well go out for breakfast as well.

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