On the way home now

Man Singapore is expensive after Vietnam. But in some respects soooo much cheaper than Melbourne. I bought some camera stuff (ok a lot of camera stuff) that I could only dream of at home. All for less than the price of an underwater strobe. I bought one of them as well.

Yesterday and today we cruised round on the hop on hop off bus. Covered a whole lot of the touristy things and missed loads of them as well. I’m looking forward to comparing the photos I took last time I was here (with dad) I think the changes will be really noticeable.

I ended up buying clothes to fly home in, there is a limit to how many times you can wear the one item and expect people to be polite to you. Everything I own has reached that limit.

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2 Responses to On the way home now

  1. nice to read your vietnam and singapore travel report. have you ever been in thailand?


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