Final thoughts from Vietnam

We had a cruisy day today, walked around Saigon some more. Ended up near the old Opera House, in the posher hotel area. The street sellers are far more aggressive up there. We didn’t really have a plan, ended up going into a shopping centre for a look around (and too cool down a bit). Much bigger on the inside than it appears from the street. They had some interesting shops, many the same chains as home (in Melbourne) but out of the blue we found a Debenhams (UK) and a Carl Jnrs Burger Bar (USA). Also found a jeweller that was quite reasonably priced, I did make a purchase but will be having it valued when I get home. It could be money down the drain – but who cares. Had a hot stone massage on  the way home from the shops. Possibly the best massage I have had since we have been here, USD$13.00 for an hour. We ended up at a little Japanese Restaurant for dinner tonight. Had just enough money left for a custard filled donut (none left in the shop!!!) and a couple of coffees. We have less than $3.00 left for tomorrow, we may just scrape through. I don’t wont to change any more money and be left with VND (Dong) that I have to get rid of.

Final thoughts on Vietnam? The food in Hoi An was amazing. Internet connections are reasonably good, you can always find free wi-fi somewhere. Saigon is noisy and full of motorbikes, but not nearly as bad as I was lead to believe. Technique for crossing the roads in Saigon – walk calmly and with determination, works every time. I would love bike ride through Asia – if an 8 yr old can do it!!!! – but I really think I would struggle to manage my hydration levels. I’ve been struggling with that just walking around. Maybe on a scooter/motorbike?  I’m glad we came over now, I feel we got to experience a small part of the Vietnamese culture, and I hope they can keep their culture and not succumb to having a Starbucks & McDonald’s on every corner. Though KFC is here already. 

So tomorrow we head to Singapore for 3 days.

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