Floating Market, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

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Day trip today to the floating market in the Mekong Delta. The bus left at 7.30 am and didn’t get there till 10.30 am. Mostly the market is from 7.00 am to 10.00am, so the market was pretty much over when we got there, but still enough boats to get the idea of what it would be like. The people live and work on their boats, which look like they have been handed down through the generations. There was a lot of water being bucketed out, by hand, from many of the boats as they were bobbing around. As a trader to work out which boat you need to visit to make your purchase, you need to look at the poles on the front of the boats. They hang samples of their product of the pole. Simple but effective.

After cruising through the market we moored up and went to visit a local village. We got to see a beehive, sample the local tea.see how rice paper is made, and also those of us that were brave enough got to hold a python. I have to say that sticking my finger in the beehive to sample the honey was more terrifying than holding on to the python. Though it wrapped its tail around my leg when I wasn’t expecting it, scared the bejesus out of me, only because I felt movement on my leg and didn’t associate it with the snake. After that excitement it was back to the boat and then to a local house for lunch. Followed by a hot sweaty walk looking at local agriculture. Back to the bus and a 4 hour drive home.

Thought we might have a boozy afternoon so went to the Polo bar attached to the hotel, which also has massage and a spa. I think it was “massage with happy ending”, so that was really short-lived. We had one beer and went for an early dinner, a coffee at a local coffee house and a walk around a shopping centre. Back to the hotel for air-conditioning.

Tomorrow is our last day in Vietnam. A couple of days in Singapore and then home on Saturday.

The internet in the room is really bad tonight, I will upload photos tomorrow.

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